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How I work

Traditional craftsmanship

All my pieces are built exclusively to order and entirely by hand.


First, I saw and plane each piece of wood to its starting dimensions, then I cut and fit each joint by hand and finally refine the shape of each piece with a small set of traditional hand-tools, some of them more than 100 years old. Handsaws, planes, and chisels present the backbone of my tool chest.


No modern joining techniques are used to speed things up, no computer steered CNC routers, no big stationary machines, no noise, no dust. This allows me to focus on the building process with all my senses and with a surprisingly small footprint, right in the heart of Amsterdam.

Each woodchip and plane shaving on the floor of my workshop, represents a single handstroke, with thousands of careful movements together creating a beautiful piece of furniture.

Materials & Finishes

I work with European hardwoods such as Oak, Elm, Ash or Walnut, with American Walnut being the one exception. I buy most of the wood from my local timber shop, which has been trading in Amsterdam for more than a century. 

Where possible, I use wood from the Amsterdam initiative 'StadsHout', which saves and resaws the timber of local trees in a circular economy. In these cases, I can trace the origin of the timber to the exact street or park in Amsterdam and the year of felling.

I work with natural oil-wax finishes in satin or matte, and in pigmented versions, including white-wash or limed. To ebonize oak, I treat the wood with natural oak tannins and an iron-vinegar mixture, which stains the wood to a deep black in a natural chemical reaction.


My finishes are based on natural oils and waxes and can easily be re-applied by you for maintenance. Wherever possible I work with reversible hide glue, which allows non-destructive repairs of connections even after decades of usage.

Sustainability & Respect

Sustainability is a critical aspect of my work. I only use the highest quality materials and use them in a sparing fashion to minimize waste.


I guarantee the longevity of each of my pieces through meticulous craftsmanship and traditional wood connections. Furthermore, I work with reversible hide glue whenever possible, which allows for the non-destructive reopening of wood connections to conduct repairs or replacements.

I only work with wood that has been sustainably forested under the FSC label. Preferably I use wood from the direct vicinity in Amsterdam via StadsHout.

All finishes are food and child safe, are low to zero VOC, and can easily be reapplied for maintenance and repair without requiring the stripping or sanding of old layers of varnish. 

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