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The George

This was the first piece of real furniture I built and remains one of my favourite items to this day. It is a beautiful bar stool with a soft shaped seat that makes it extremely comfortable to sit on. Each seat is sculpted by hand using an ancient design travisher plane. It allows me to take of a lot of material at once, but also to be really precise when needed to find the right lines for the seat.

The example in the images is made from European (seat) and American Walnut (legs) with a natural satin hard wax finish, but any wood combination and finishes are possible, from Ash and Elm to (ebonized) Oak. A three-legged version of this stool is also available.

Height: ±66.0cm (or according to your preference)
Width: ±43.0cm (at the base)
Depth: ±43.0cm (at the base)

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