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The Modern Shaker

The Modern Shaker is a new take on the Classic Shaker rocking chair. I left away a lot of the decorative elements and shapes and went for a much cleaner and more modern design. The back slates are seamlessly let into the back posts and have a narrow and slightly curved profile. The seat is woven from top and bottom with Danish paper cord, which takes a total of 2 days and ±200m of cord. Throughout the chair, you will find brass details to add structural rigidity and add textural contrast to the chair.

The example on the images is built from Dutch Elm which has been cut in the Amsterdam city area. Oak, ash, walnut or cherry are other examples for suitable woods.

Price on request, please contact me at

Height: ±105.0cm
Width: ±61.0cm
Depth: ±85.0cm

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