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The Seren

Inspired by simple Japanese forms, this is a small but elegant step stool. Despite its small size and everyday use (for those who are short in stature or for kids to reach a sink or shelf, or a surface to draw or play), the shape is refined with slightly chamfered sides and rounded corners, making it pleasing to touch and look at. The construction is solid and will last a lifetime, with wedged through joints and additional stretchers.

The Seren also allows me to use shorter off-cuts of my larger projects and give them a second life in a beautiful and useful piece of furniture, maximising the use of my raw materials.

The example in the images is made from White Oak with a hard-wearing PU finish, attributed to its intended use as a stepping stool. The basic design elements lend themselves to scale to a two seater bench or stool.

Height: ±25.0cm
Width: ±43.0cm (at the base)
Depth: ±24.0cm (at the base)

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