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The Ulmer

The Ulmer stool is one of the most acclaimed pieces of furniture, designed at the Ulm School of Design (HfG) in 1954. The stool was created with the collaboration of the Swiss architect, typographer and artist Max Bill and the Dutch architect and designer Hans Gugelot. The Ulmer stool is light, flexible and robust and can be used as a seat, side table, lectern, part of a shelf, tray and carrying aid all in one.

In the original version the Ulm stool is made of soft wood connected with a simple box joint. In my version, the stool is made from hardwood panels which are connected with hand cut dovetail joints.

The stool can be made from different materials and dimensions to your request.

Height: 44.5 cm
Width: 39.5 cm
Depth: 29.5 cm

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