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Yakisugi bowls and plates

‘Yakisugi’ is a Japanese method of wood preservation using fire, often used to treat the external wooden cladding of a building.

Generally I am using Ash which has an open and pronounced grain structure. After scorching, the pieces are meticulously burnished using a stiff brush, removing loose char and bringing the surface to a slight polish. The softer wood of the faster springtime growth burns more easily and so when brushed down creates a beautiful texture all over the surface.

All my pieces employ classic forms, with a thin rim. Depending on the piece I sometimes choose to keep the inside wood unburned to create a nice contrast. All pieces are lifted off the surface with a ring shaped foot and a gently curving base to create a shadow gap, making them appear weightless.

Treated with a food safe products makes them perfect for presenting e.g. fruit or vegetables. Equally they would be comfortable being a decorative piece.

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