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The George - handcrafted bar-stool
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handcrafted furniture from Amsterdam
Danish paper cord weave on the Littel Max stool

Timeless design, built to last for centuries.

About my furniture


I create individual pieces of furniture to your exact requirements, with a focus on beauty, utility, and manual craftsmanship. 

I use the highest quality, natural materials that age gracefully over time, employing traditional wood joining techniques that have proven their longevity for centuries.

My pieces are crafted with the philosophy of 'buying the right thing once', lasting a lifetime, and for generations beyond.

Working by hand involves all of my senses.

The smell and colour of the wood, the sound of a sharp plane cutting through the grain, the smoothness of each surface.

About how I work


Traditional craftsmanship and joinery techniques are at the heart of my work. I craft each piece individually by hand, relying almost exclusively on hand tools. Most of my tools are significantly older than me, one dating back to 1877, and will probably outlast me as well. 

My finished pieces are simple, sturdy and aesthetically beautiful, each one the result of hours of physical labour, sweat and blisters, detailed precision and the careful refining of form and finish, all while standing ankle-deep in wood shavings in my Amsterdam workshop. You buy my furniture knowing the care and attention to detail that has been invested in your individual piece.

While working on your piece, I keep and share a photo diary, so you can witness the coming to life of your own piece of furniture from day to day, following the story from rough sawn board to finished product.

Back-slat of the Modern Shaker, the Elm wood reflecting beautifully in direct sunlight

Do you have a special request for your piece of furniture? Let’s come up with a plan together!

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